Things to Do if you Have a Pain in the Arse Boyfriend

Now before I start this, I want to make one thing clear: my boyfriend is wonderful, he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and essentially I don’t actually have a bad word to say about him. There is just one thing that really grinds my gears; his beloved gaming PC. Very seldom would you see him out of bed before one in the afternoon, but since this extravagantly overpriced piece of technology graced us with it’s presence – at precisely six minutes past ten on a Monday – and made itself at home on the desk.

The bed is made, breakfast is eaten and he’s already caught three drink drivers, given a handful of warnings for speeding and arrested four men for attempted murder, all thanks to Grand Theft Auto 4. This all sounds great on paper, until you factor in that bedtime is now no earlier than 2am and dinner probably wouldn’t exist if I wasn’t there to remind him to eat.

I am dedicating this post to the girls who have been demoted to sleeping on the floor because the computer now inhabits what was once your side of the bed; I understand you; I feel for you; I am here for you. Here are a few things to do while your boyfriend pushes buttons and stuff.

There are so many good books around and so little time to read them these days it seems. When your beloved is otherwise occupied use this time to put your feet up, grab a cuppa and get stuck into a classic.

If, like me, you’re useless at keeping in touch, pick up the phone and give your mum, aunt, sister, grandad or best friend a call. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good old chinwag with your closest, and you have no threat of interruption, so you can talk for hours.

I’ve recently starting pampering myself a bit more. It’s always nice to have an hour to yourself, while somebody else slaves away making you look pretty. Go to the salon and get your nails done, have a hair cut or get a tan. Run a hot bath, fill it with bubbles and dot candles about, grab a magazine and relax. Face masks are fun, and if you don’t have the funds to get other people to do it for you, do your nails, dye your hair and chill.

I LOVE A GIRLS NIGHT. Get in touch with your fellow ladies and go for lunch or dinner, a couple of drinks or a night out. I genuinely don’t think anything makes me happier than a boogie with my friends. Get dressed up, get drunk and leave him at home!
Pull out all your bank statements, pay slips, phone bills and invoices and sort through them. Throw away anything that you really do not need (if it has important information on it – bank details, address – make sure you dispose securely). Put everything you do need into relevant sections so it’s easier to find. Go through your old make up and products and chuck out anything out of date. Reorganise your wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. Organising ourselves is one thing we all seem to avoid doing at all costs, when really it’s probably the most productive thing you could do.
You could also:
  • Learn to cook
  • Go shopping
  • Do some cleaning
  • Exercise (HAHAHAHAHA)
  • Uni essays
  • Stand in front of the screen naked

I know there are a lot of girls who enjoy playing with their boyfriends, and I sometimes wish it was something I could enjoy doing too (I’m not allowed to join in anyway)!But if, like me you find yourself sat staring at the screen while he’s involved in a crucial shootout that can’t under any circumstances be interrupted, then maybe these tips will help!

Disclaimer: Luckily Dan does believe in compromise so he doesn’t always spend fourteen hours a day gaming and we do actually do things together, and he DJs at a club every Friday, and he’s not a pain in the arse, just in case he reads this and I get in loads of trouble…

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