Top 5 Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books are a bit of a thing at the moment, aren’t they? For anyone who hasn’t yet come across them, the ‘adult’ part doesn’t refer to pornography, and they aren’t the normal children’s ones marketed for adults.

No, no. The adult colouring book is so much more than that.

From intricate mandalas to sleepy cats, beautiful floral prints to your wizarding house badge, they have something for everyone, and it’s not as easy as it looks. I remember being a kid and colouring in was so simple, pick a colour and away you go. Colour outside of the lines? FINE! Clashing colours that gave your granny a headache? Go for it! With the adult colouring book comes great responsibility. The drawings are so beautiful, you simply don’t want to do it wrong.

I’ve listed my top 5 favourite adult colouring books below.

Art Therapy: An Anti-Stress Colouring Book

Firstly, look at the front cover! It’s made from fairly thick, matte card and feels amazing. If that isn’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, the inside is full of animals made from paisley print and exotic buildings. If you’re just dipping your toe into the colouring pond, this book would be great for you, as some of the pictures are already half coloured in! You can use pens or pencils for this one.

Art therapy pic 1

Buy it here – £6.00

The Liberty Colouring Book

Sally Kelly, a designer for Liberty Art Fabrics, writes the intro for this book. The pages are overflowing with their gorgeous paisley and fancy floral designs they’ve sold in the Liberty department store since 1875, and we get the chance to reimagine them. Colouring in never felt so classy! Make sure you use pencil with this one, the pages don’t take ink very well.


Get it here – £9.99

The Creative Colouring Book For Grown-Ups

The front cover is fun, which is my favourite part. Most of the prints in this one are quite simple, with a few more intricate designs thrown in for good measure. This is my favourite book to sit down and de-stress with. The patterns are so easy you don’t really need to think about which colours to use, and their simplicity means they don’t take a fortnight to finish! If you’re a felt tip lover, you can use those with this one.

Creative colouring

Buy it now – £9.99

Mesdemoiselles CATS Colouring for Mindfulness

(Note: it definitely didn’t take me 4 attempts to spell mindfulness just then)

Anyone who knows me knows I love my cats. I’m obsessed with my cats, all cats in fact. So it was only fitting to include a colouring book DEDICATED TO CATS! This one has sleepy cats and naughty cats and funny cats and meditating cats, and it’s everything I could have ever wanted in a colouring book. If you’re a cat fan, go and get this one, please. I urge you. You can use colouring pens or pencils for this one too, as the pages are super thick.

Cats colouring

Grab it here – £4 (cats not included)

Harry Potter Colouring Book

Although there’s nothing magical about the title (it can definitely be improved), the book itself is charming. The cover doesn’t disappoint, with a mixture of glossy pictures and a matte background. The pages are more of a creamy beige than white, which just adds to the effect of the book. There are drawings of your favourite scenes, so you can reimagine Dobby sporting a lovely bright green rag, or give the Slytherin badge a make-over. This book is perfect, accept I use pencils to colour, as I’m scared the pen will bleed through to the next page.

harry potter

Wave your wand over this to get it – £7

Now I’m not an artist, by any stretch of the imagination. I’m also not an expert on mindfulness and relaxation, but if there’s one sure-fire way to chill me out after a stressful day at work, picking up my Stabilos and creating a pink and blue cat in a tutu, it’s this.

Do you colour? What are your favourite books?



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