Sunday Round-Up

Sunday is a great day, isn’t it? There’s a collective sense of lazy in the air, and even if you have a metric shit tonne to do, you’ll take it nice and slow. I often wake up before 8am, so before I get up and ready for the day, I spend an hour on a Sunday morning lying in bed jotting down the my favourite things that happened during the week.

This morning, when I began jotting down the happy moments from the last seven days, I wondered why I hadn’t put them on my blog! I’m not going to try and reach a solid number, because sometimes they exceed 10, and sometimes I’m so miserable that it takes all of my might to muster up 2 examples – yes, I am a stroppy cow.

  1. I finally sent off my chapter for a book I’m contributing to. It took literally an entire day to click the send button, but I did it!
  2. Dan and I made a couple of solid decisions on the wedding, which is exciting because our date is getting closer and closer. Have you noticed that it’s April? ALREADY. it’ll be 2017 tomorrow at this rate and I still won’t have my bloody wedding dress.
  3. I made packed lunch for myself more than once this week, which is a huge achievement because I normally don’t do that… ever.
  4. All of the housework is done and it’s not even Sunday evening (though it will be when I post this). Dan and I are successfully adulting this week.
  5. I’ve got my motivation back, which I haven’t had for a very long time. I can’t remember the last time I felt this compelled to write as much as I have been, and do my make-up every single day before I leave the house. I don’t know what it is, maybe I’m a new woman?
  6. I FOLDED A FITTED SHEET. If you need any domestic tips just ask me because I know everything now.
  7. My last blog, which you can read here, has gained more of a response than I ever thought it would. I’m actually proud of myself for the first time in a long time.
  8. And finally, I’m feeling very, very honoured that the people who have contacted me regarding my last blog have opened up to me about their mental health journeys. Friends, family, acquaintances and strangers have all trusted me to share their stories in the best way I can, and I’m so grateful to them for putting their faith in me, and also for helping me to do something small for the mental health community.


It’s time for me to get into a nice warm bath now. It’s the first Sunday in a long time that I’ve felt accomplished, and I’m going to revel in it.

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend xx

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