Instagram – To Theme or Not To Theme?

Instagram themes – some can’t live without them. All the Insta famous queens have beautifully crafted photographs, full of light and free from messy distractions. Each photo they post will be selected from a bunch of at least 10 of the same. They will scrutinise every single pixel before they brighten the whites and remove the shadows, before uploading with a caption that has been written and re-written more times than I’ve cried over how beautiful my cats look when they sleep.

Some of my favourite Instagram accounts are:

@grcelisabeth – Grace and Braver, a blogger from the UK with 13 thousand followers. Her photographs are bright and wistful, with hints of pink littered throughout. Also, she’s beautiful, do not click if you’re having an ‘I hate myself’ day.
@erinlightfeather – Erin Summer is a freelance graphic designer and showcases some of her work with feathers on her Instagram. Her backgrounds are white and her feathers are so vivid they jump off the page. Each photo has been carefully constructed and each feather positioned to perfection.
@onmyworkdesk – This account is dedicated to gorgeous flatlays and incredible workspaces. Most of the images on here are monochrome with a pop of colour. Warning: will cause severe bouts of jealousy.
@jazzstanart – Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley is an artist who uses her Instagram account to show her followers how she spends her working day. The subject she photographs stands in front of other pieces of art she’s created, leaving her pictures bright with a high saturation.
@ihavethisthingwithfloors – An account curated in Amsterdam, this literally does what it says on the tin. With no particular colour scheme, these guys literally post pictures of people standing on pretty floors, and it’s perfection.
@blackjaguarwhitetiger – The official account of the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. If big, scary animals doing cute shit is for you, I recommend checking this one out.
@mythicalteens – I’m pretty sure this account is aimed at 15 year old California girls, but I love it anyway. Dreamy hair, make up and nails and a little bit of everything else the average teen would *heart-eyes-emoji* over.

A themed Instagram makes for a more aesthetically-pleasing browsing session. I can honestly say I’m more inclined to scroll through an account that has a specific colour scheme, or a particular subject. As a creative person, I love to see how other people use the platform to illustrate their world. I find it fascinating how some people can find extraordinary images in an otherwise ordinary environment. For example, photographing the blossom so thoughtfully that it doesn’t look like a mangy tree on a main road, or taking a standard building from the 1970s and turning it into a piece of art at the swipe of a filter and the click of a button.


That said, I also like Instagram accounts that are free of restrictions. I love looking through them and seeing a grainy drunken group shot, or a picture of somebody’s half-eaten breakfast, or a cat sleeping in a level of comfort so high we lowly humans could only dream of reaching.

There is something so personal about the way we take photographs and display them online, and I don’t think living life behind a camera is as much of a problem as some people believe. People see the world how they choose to, and then we get to see the same thing over and over again, except each time it’s totally different.

I don’t think an Instagram theme will ever be something I stick to. My mood is as unpredictable as the British summer, so my photographs won’t always be light and bright and airy, but I would like to say thank you for all the Insta famous kings and queens out there who make for a pleasurable scrolling experience, and damn you for making me stay up late.

If your interested in how wonderful (joke) my Instagram is, you can follow me here – @ciaramkxx

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