Tuesday is the New Monday

There seems to be an international consensus that Mondays suck. It’s the first day back at work after a weekend off for most of the population and everything is a little bit busier. Fridays are relatively unproductive, so there is usually a mountain of unfinished paperwork (read: emails) to sift through and a few loose ends to tie up. What exactly is it about Monday that everyone is so strongly adverse to?


For me, and a lot of my colleagues, Tuesdays are the worst day. Work is a tad slower, because Monday is more productive in getting shit done. We’ve caught up with friends, so there are no more stories about the wild Saturday night they had to hear about. On waking up at 6am, there are still 4 full working days lurking ahead of me until it’s time to make the final commute home from the weekend. I sit counting down the minutes and seconds, and I never do that on any other day of the week.

  1. The day goes slower
  2. It’s make-up brush cleaning day
  3. I have to exfoliate on a Tuesday
  4. The trains are busier
  5. Trains are later because they are busier
  6. All my fellow commuters are more irrational because the trains are busier and later
  7. There’s nothing to talk about on a Tuesday
  8. It’s clothes washing day
  9. Leftovers day
  10. The day before food shopping day = EMPTY CUPBOARDS
  11. My to-do list gets longer because I’m less productive and there doesn’t seem to be an end
  12. Nobody is in a particularly good mood


I’ve tried to find some reasons to love Tuesday, and so far the only thing I’ve come up with is Shrove Tuesday, or pancake day for my non-Catholic readers. Who doesn’t love a day dedicated to eating cakes from the pan?

Is there a way to get out of the Tuesday slump? I want to avoid feeling like a miserable bitch when I reluctantly claw my way out of bed in the morning and drag my feet to the station. I’m going to try doing something differently. Maybe I’ll learn how to make balloon animals and entertain my stroppy train passengers, you know, give them something to smile about.

Let me know what day sucks the most for you!



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2 thoughts on “Tuesday is the New Monday

  1. Monday is the worst for me, every week I find it hard to get over the fact that the weekend is over. On Tuesday just think – there’s only 3 more nights sleep til the weekend and that doesn’t sound like much! X



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