Who I am

I am a person, with thoughts and feelings, likes and dislikes. There are things I enjoy doing and places I love going to.

I am a daughter and a big sister. I’m somebody to lean on when times get tough, I’m a shoulder to cry on and I’m there to take the shit when it hits the fan.

I am a fiance. I am a support system and I make sure there are enough clean shirts for the working week and I’m a partner in crime. I’m your biggest fan.


I am a friend. I’m there to make a prat out of myself to cheer you up when you break up with your boyfriend. I’m a therapist, and I’ll give you my best (sometimes unsolicited) advice. I’m there to build you up and I’m there to bring you straight back down to earth if need be. I’m there to like all of your selfies.

I’m a colleague. I’m there to bounce ideas off of and I’m there to help with the work load and chat to at the coffee machine.

I’m a fellow commuter. I’m there to move out of my seat if you need it. I’m there to let you know if you’re on the right train and I’m there to run after you if you’ve dropped your Oyster.


I’m a neighbour. I’m there to chat to in the garden on a crisp spring morning and I’m there to feed your cat when you’re away.

I’m a fighter. I’ll stand up for you when you need somebody to fight your corner and I’ll always shout for what I believe in.

I’m a reader, and a customer, and a viewer. I’m a liker, a commenter. I’m a supporter.

It can be difficult to remember who you really are when you suffer relentlessly with a mental illness.

Who are you?

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24 year old freelance content creator

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