The Grinch Ain’t Stealing My Christmas

Everybody who knows me will be more than aware that I am, in fact, Cindy-Lou Who. I begin planning my wrapping theme in July, and I start thinking about the way I’ll decorate my grotto not long after. I squeal when a Christmas song comes on and I have enough festive jumpers to rival Zoe Sugg.

This year, however, the elf in me has stayed firmly under wraps, and like the Grinch, I LOATHE Christmas entirely. I am officially broken. I’m the pesky bulb on the Christmas lights that stops them from working, the present you forgot to buy batteries for, the burnt parsnips. I am everything about Christmas that goes wrong.

As of the day this post goes live, we’re officially 5 days from the big one, and I couldn’t care less! This weekend, I’ve spent my time making Christmas plans, trying to work out how I can elf myself into the festive spirit before it’s too fricken late.

The following are the things I usually do throughout the month of December, but I am determined to snowball through the whole lot before the weekend.

Watch Christmas episodes of the OC – Of course, you can watch the Crimbo specials of any show you want, but nothing makes me happier than a little bit of Christmukkah on my screen. And Seth Cohen, obvs.

Consume all the gingerbread and cinnamon baked goods – and festive drinks on offer in every coffee shop within a 10 mile radius. I need me some gingerbread snowflakes and a cinnamon hot chocolate.

Light every single candle in the house – Burn the house down with naked flames not-so-carefully placed on every spare inch of my home. Scented candles, dinner candles, even display candles will be lit for the next week. Who needs electricity?

Wear all the festive clothing – The tackiest you can find. If it has lights on it, you get an extra point, two points if it sings. I kind of want to find those huge santa clause earrings we all used to wear back in the early ’00s to school Christmas dinners, the ones your female relatives wore to their work dos at the end of the year.

With only a few days left until the big fat man comes down the chimney and leaves us presents, I think we can all muster up a little bit of Christmas cheer, can’t we?



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5 thoughts on “The Grinch Ain’t Stealing My Christmas

  1. I love the concept of this post and it’s everything I’ve needed this week to pick me up! I’ve been working non-stop and today have finally broken up for Christmas. I was only thinking about Seth Cohen and Christmukkah so I think I’ll watch a few episodes of that tonight! I’ve been watching a Christmas film each day this week and that’s really filled me with joy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah xo


  2. Yes! I am not feeling festive enough yet, everything I normally do isn’t working. I think its because I’m living with my mum at the moment and she put up the tree without me 😦


    1. It’s rubbish isn’t it! I usually decorate every single inch of my home but this year it’s literally a tree with some posh baubles haha. We’ve got to address this in time for Christmas next year! Also, how rude of your mum to do that!

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