An Open Letter to Myself – Resolutions


I’ve written this post and deleted it three times since Friday 30th December 2016. Each time, I’ve been confident that THESE are the 500 words I want everybody to see, but then as soon as my mouse hovers over the publish button, panic sets in. It’s crap, Ciara. Nobody cares, Ciara. You’re talking to yourself, Ciara.

And then, at 11pm on Monday the 2nd of January 2017, it hit me. Yes, I am talking to myself, because this is MY blog and MY space on the internet that I spend time working on. Who cares if nobody is interested in my resolutions? I care, and I want to read about everyone else’s, so why wouldn’t I share mine?

I’ve written the rest of this post as if somebody is shouting these lists at me. Maybe because in April or July or September I’ll read it back and see what I’ve accomplished and what I haven’t. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll make me more accountable for my actions this year. My resolutions are split into six categories, because by this time next year, I want to be even the slightest bit content with every aspect of my life.



  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fruit
  • Accept that your body can’t tolerate gluten or dairy and stop consuming it
  • Exercise 3 times a week (at least)
  • Cut down your meat intake as much as possible
  • In fact, cut down on all animal products wherever you can

Mental Health:

  • Start practicing mindfulness and fully commit yourself to it
  • Stop attacking yourself for being the way you are, it isn’t your fault
  • Take the tablets the doctor prescribes you
  • Find a psychotherapist and talk about all of your feelings until you can let them fucking go
  • Learn when it’s time to stop, you’ll only make yourself worse
  • Try your best to sleep more, even if it means going to be at 8pm to ensure you’re asleep before midnight

Home Life:

  • Keep up with the washing and never let it pile up again
  • Same as above but with the ironing – yes it’s therapeutic, but it’s no good for your back
  • Eat dinner at the table with your fiance on weekdays, TV dinners are for Mike Teevee
  • Go through your wardrobe and donate everything you don’t wear anymore – it’s selfish
  • DON’T. WASTE. FOOD. Do not go shopping until the fridge and the freezer are empty
  • Also, DON’T. ORDER. IN. You never enjoy as much as you think you will



  • Take more photographs, regardless of whether they’re awful or you hate the way your jaw looks. You’ll regret not having any to look back on.
  • Write more. It keeps your mind focused and you’ll feel like a normal person for a while
  • Read every single night. Read everything – fiction, non-fiction, YA, read about everything
  • Do more colouring in – it keeps you grounded
  • Go for walks at least once a week with your fiance, just because. Enjoy the time outside, learn not to fear it anymore
  • Sing more. Sing as loud as you can whenever you want to – nothing beats the rush of hitting that high note
  • Keep a journal. Vomit those negative feelings onto paper and then lock it away until the next day – you know this works


  • Brush your hair every day, whether you’re putting it in a bun or not
  • Get your hair cut regularly and get treatments as often as you can
  • Get back into your skin care routine and hit it hard
  • Do your nails, you can conquer the world with fresh nails
  • Shave regularly, or better yet, get regular waxes


  • Make time to speak to loved ones as often as you can
  • Distance yourself from the people in your life who make you feel bad about yourself
  • Spend time learning about the things your fiance is passionate about, no more feigning interest
  • Support Bloggers and YouTubers. Especially the smaller ones, like yourself.
  • Say something nice to somebody every day. It can be a friend or a stranger, it’ll lift their spirits and yours
  • Stand up for those who believe in the same things you do. Stand up fearlessly, be passionate with them and fight for what you both believe in


If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for your patience! I hope this is the year all of your dreams come true, and everything starts to work itself out. We made it to the end – here’s to a new beginning.


Alright, 2017, let’s be ‘aving ya.

Photographs by @rypedigitaluk

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Myself – Resolutions

  1. I love this post so much. I love the way you’ve split them into categories; my faves are say something nice to someone every day, and get regular haircuts because I need to start doing both myself haha. I nailed the waxing last year! Hope you smash as many goals as you can my lovely 💖


  2. Oh, this is beautiful, Ciara. I love the way you write. I like that this is split down into categories as well. I’ve only just discovered your blog but I’m here to stay now xo


    1. Thank you SO MUCH for this comment. I’ve had one of those ‘not believing in myself days’ today, so this has come at such a perfect time. Thank you so much for your comment ❤ xx


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