Bridal Skincare with The Body Shop

You know those days where your face point blank refuses to cooperate with you? Maybe your foundation separates on your nose or your foundation sinks deep into your pores and highlights them rather than disguises. First world problems? Of course, but there are certain expectations that befall us brides and having a radiant, healthy glow is right up there with not face-planting the altar before you say ‘I do’. Since I’ve been engaged, I’ve been trialling different skincare regimes to find something that works perfectly for me. I’ve determined my skin type (combination dry/oily), so now it’s down to finding products that work with problem areas.

This month, I wanted to put the spotlight on the Drops of Youth range by The Body Shop. ‘Why?’ I hear you cry, ‘you’re only 24!’. You would be correct, but I’ve already developed more fine lines than I thought I would, and anyway, can’t a girl use preventative measures?

full shot

The Claim

The Drops of Youth collection has been designed to conquer the first signs of ageing. Fine lines and wrinkles often appear out of nowhere so tackling them head on before they become noticeable is what this range does best. From experience, I would wager that planning a wedding is a surefire catalyst to premature ageing, so these products are ideal for pretending that organising your nuptials was a walk in the park.

The Ingredients

Stem cells have been extracted from Edelweiss, Criste Marine and Sea Holly because of their handy regenerating properties. The three work together to protect, renew and restructure, and the end result equals fresh, smooth and youthful skin. While these little plant extracts can’t convince your guests to RSVP on time, they can certainly help you in your quest for a radiant complexion.

The Products

There are seven items in the Drops of Youth family, and between them, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Youth Liquid Peel

Anyone else a little freaked out by the name? Same, but it really isn’t as daunting as it seems. First off, it’s a bit like squeezing jelly out of a pump, and the smell really isn’t as I was expecting. While it does feel slightly odd on first use, my skin afterwards felt really tight (in a good way). I will admit it the consistency and use takes some getting used to, but once you realise that you’re not peeling skin from your face, I promise you’ll love it. This is definitely great for the more mature lady, too!

Buy it here – £18.00

Youth Essence Lotion

I was surprised by the consistency, which is thicker than water but thinner than gel. You can use this on a cotton pad, but I’ve found that pouring a couple of drops into my hands and smoothing it across my face works best for me. Designed for use after cleansing, the Youth Essence lotion is meant to prep your skin for the rest of your beauty routine. While it is suitable for use daily, I only use it a couple of times a week, alternating between this and my Pixi Glow Tonic.

Buy it here – £15.00

drops of youth serum

Drops of Youth Cream

Youth Cream

Super smooth, super luxurious but not too heavy! This has replaced my Soap & Glory night cream and I notice if I don’t use it. The light formula means that you don’t feel as though you’ll cover your pillow in product and therefore lose the effects of the cream. I really recommend this.

Buy it here – £22.00

Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

That sh*t cray. Literally. At first I was baffled to see that the product came with a scoop, but once I used it I totally understood why. The formula of the sleeping mask is so strange (it really is BOUNCY), and it does feel very heavy on the skin. While it can be used nightly, I don’t think I’ll use it more than twice a week as it’s a very intense moisture hit and there is a little residue left behind in the morning. That said, I have definitely seen a difference after two uses – much like the Liquid Peel, it leaves your skin feeling tight but plump – the complete opposite to the sallowness I usually wake up with!

Buy it here – £25.00



This is great for minimal/no make up days. I have quite large pores and my skin looked like it had been Face Tuned, so I simply threw on some powder, brows and mascara (and a little bit of blush) and I was ready to go! Personally, I wouldn’t use this as a primer, as my foundation slid all over my face even though the Wonderblur had set beforehand. That said, I really wouldn’t rule it out because it’s like a little facial in a bottle.

Buy it here – £18.00



Youth Serum

Youth Concentrate

I mean, I love a serum. Any serum. Give me ALL THE SERUMS. I’ve begun to alternate between this and my Pixi Rose Oil Blend of an evening, and love this for the day time as it isn’t quite as heavy. Again it tightens your skin and my frown lines have dramatically improved since introducing this new staple in my routine.

Buy it here – from £26.00

The Verdict

I really, really like this range. The new packaging looks really sleek and high-end, and the scent is almost medicinal, so I felt like I was treating my skin rather than just throwing a load of fragranced ‘stuff’ onto my face and hoping for the best. All in all, I couldn’t recommend the Drops of Youth line more. There are some products in particular that I would definitely repurchase (the Youth Concentrate and the Youth Cream), and I’d love to see how they work on mature skin. If you’re looking for a preemptive attack on any fine lines and wrinkles, definitely give these bad boys a go!

Have you tried the Drops of Youth range? What did you think?

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